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David Todd McCarty


Thoughts on being alone, the nature of manhood, and the timeless music of John Hiatt

Image comp by author. Photo: John Hiatt

I’ve always said I enjoy being alone, that I revere my quiet time. As a general rule, I don’t require a lot of human interaction. I prefer solitude over excitement, and recharge myself by being able to process the world on my own. …


Exploring the voices that make up the real America.

I find it very easy to become disenchanted and discouraged by our prospects for the future here in America. We seem to be getting more polarized, angrier, less tolerant, more aggressive, less compassionate.

I cringe at how we are viewed by the rest of the world. I am more often…


The true nature of the American Dream and the difficulty of communicating simple solutions to complex problems

Image comp by the author. Photo by Serge Kutuzov

You’ve no doubt heard the story about the high school student who mowed lawns and tended to the school garden so that he could pay off the lunch debt of poor students. …


Race, culture and the danger of keeping quiet

Image comp by the author. Photo: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

I didn’t grow up with a strong racial or ethnic identity. Presbyterian maybe. We were Irish we knew, but that was sort of the end of it. We didn’t have any special meals, traditions, songs or stories. …


What do you do when antipathy is more compelling than sentimentality?

Image Comp by Author. Photo: Tim Minchin

In a 2013 commencement address at his alma mater university in western Australia, comedian and composer Tim Minchin urged the graduating students to define themselves, by what they loved, not just by what they opposed.

“I’ve found myself doing this thing a bit recently,” he said, “where, if someone asks…


As our culture changes, our language changes, for better or worse.

Image comp by the author.

I don’t know what the world is coming to, but I don’t think we’re doing much to help the next generation on their way. As Lt Col Frank Slade once snarled, I fear we’re not exactly preparing the minnows for manhood.

We seem to be getting rather soft even as…

Behavioral Psychology

If you want to convince someone of something, anything, you are better off using emotional rather than logic.

Image comp by the author.

Have you ever had an idea follow you around? Like Forrest Gump’s feather, floating around in the zeitgeist? Multiple messages stalking you from different angles, desperately trying to get your attention?

In the past week or so, I’ve heard more than one person, author, or host, in completely different contexts…


The protests to most real estate development are often misguided and ill-informed, leading to unintended effects.

Photo by Simon Launay on Unsplash

I have been seeing a lot of commentaries online lately about real estate development in southern New Jersey, and specifically in Cape May County. Mostly it’s uninformed opinions on how it must be stopped. How it’s the root of all evil. That it’s our civic duty to stop it. But…

Reality and fantasy have been blurring together for me lately.

Image comp by author. Liverpool FC.

Reality and fantasy have been blurring together for me lately. Not that I have taken leave of my senses, or at least no more than normal, but I have come to an inflection point, where at least in my life, art is imitating life and vice versa. Like a lot…

The idea that kindness would be so surprisingly fashionable in this angry, spiteful period of human history, surprised everyone.

Image created by author, Ted Lasso by Apple TV.

Hannah Waddingham, the veteran British actress known mostly for her stage work, had just won her first prime time Emmy for her role as Rebecca Welton, the prickly but vulnerable professional football club owner, in the surprise hit show Ted Lasso. …

David Todd McCarty

Writer, director, photographer and journalist with an interest in politics, humor and garden gnomes.

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