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David Todd McCarty


Presumably you were curious or you wouldn’t be here

Self-Portrait of David Todd McCarty (which would be me)


One man’s epic struggle to subdue a home appliance, a classic David and Goliath clash of wills with an evil corporation, and ultimately the battle for the soul of America

Part One


One man’s epic tale of how the highly anticipated birthday gift of a Viking Professional range went from gastronomic glory to never-ending nightmare.

Photo: David Todd McCarty


A Journal of the Writing Life


The journey to raise backyard chickens

Photo by David Todd McCarty.


Spring in South Jersey is heralded by two significant events, the emergence of Spring Peepers, our resident tree frog, and the opening of Boardwalk Pizza parlors, our regional delicacy.

“Northern Spring Peeper” by Furryscaly is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Aging out of relevancy one small step at a time


Our current vaccination system seems like a very 1st-Century solution to a 21st-Century problem.

Carl Heinrich Bloch (1834–1890), Christ Healing the Sick at Bethesda, 1883, oil on canvas


A strong case for why this is an important film that Americans should see, not because it will be a distraction, but because it will alter their perceptions

Frances McDormand in Nomadland. Searchlight Pictures

David Todd McCarty

Writer, director, photographer and journalist with an interest in politics, humor and garden gnomes.

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