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David Todd McCarty


Despite what modern culture proclaims, kindness is not a weakness


Dealing with anxiety

Self-portrait of the author.


We don’t all end up getting conservative as we age. Some of us go the other way.

Self-Portrait of the author.


How do we maintain what we once had in abundance?


It’s hard to maintain perspective, but it’s the only path to sanity.


Democrats need to begin thinking about the danger they face as a real existential threat.


One man’s epic struggle to subdue a home appliance, a classic David and Goliath clash of wills with an evil corporation, and ultimately the battle for the soul of America

Part One


One man’s epic tale of how the highly anticipated birthday gift of a Viking Professional range went from gastronomic glory to never-ending nightmare.

Photo: David Todd McCarty


A Journal of the Writing Life


The journey to raise backyard chickens

Photo by David Todd McCarty.

David Todd McCarty

Writer, director, photographer and journalist with an interest in politics, humor and garden gnomes.

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