My Name Is David Todd McCarty

Presumably you were curious or you wouldn’t be here

As I said up top, my name is David Todd McCarty and yes I am one of those non-serial killer types that goes by three names despite not being Puerto Rican or having some other hyphenated rationale, but rather just a man who survived a childhood using two first names needed in different contexts for reasons that are more complicated than I’m willing to get into right here. So yeah, I use my middle name professionally.

You can call me Dave if you like, a lot of people do.

I make my living as a storyteller. I’m not being cute either, that’s actually what I do. I’m a Partner and Director of Branding for an international branding agency based in New Jersey. By trade I’m a writer, designer, director, and photographer but I’m most often called upon for my ability to create emotional narratives for brands. I do that using all the skills and talents in my bag of tricks. Whatever it takes.

But it means I write, a lot. Even then, I often feel the need to create outside the corporate world; to play outside their sandbox if you will. I also write short fiction, satire, personal essays and in the last year or so, quite a bit of political commentary.

You can find me on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. There is no rhyme or reason to what you might find there. It’s all over the map.

You can also stalk me at my various websites below. They are in order, my writing blog, my personal company Hopping Frog Studios, my regional journalism pub The Standard, and a blog I run with my wife Jane (who the grandkids call Uppie) Uppie’s Kitchen. I have not included my professional branding agency as that is a separate part of my life.

I may look like a garden gnome, and can be a bit prickly, but I am not a troll. If you need to reach me email at

Writer, director, photographer and journalist with an interest in politics, humor and garden gnomes.

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