The Cape May Bubble

Like all bubbles, all it takes is one prick to blow the whole thing

David Todd McCarty
4 min readJan 13, 2022


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No, not that bubble — not the mythical microclimate that appears to allow Cape May County to escape or induce particular weather patterns from time to time. No, today I’m talking about the Fox News/Right-Wing media bubble that exists in America, and how it manifests itself here in our neck of the woods, red at is is.

It’s a bubble of disinformation, conspiracy theories, and alternative news that affects the people of our community, the leaders who make decisions about all of us, and how policy is shaped from our municipalities to our schools.

Someone recently added me to a private group for one of the school districts. I’m not going to say which one, I don’t remember who invited me, and I wasn’t entirely sure why they invited me. This appears to be a group of parents for a particular district, and while they do seem to allow differing opinions, it’s clear that many of the people, including the admin, see the world through a decidedly Right-wing lens.

A lot of the posts are obviously concerning COVID protocols, school closures, mask mandates, etc…. Many of the posts are critical of the governor and his policies, calling into the question the severity of the pandemic, or some other related issue that while not exactly partisan on their face, are very much so in this moment.

What I found interesting as I read through a lot of the posts and comments, was that the more Left-leaning participants tended to post information from what I would consider reliable, mainstream news sources, while the Right-leaning posters spent a lot of time bashing anything that wasn’t sourced from the Rightwing media bubble.

One poster, in response to an article by the Associated Press (an internationally-renowned news syndication service) concerning a debunked theory promoted on Joe Rogan’s podcast, claimed that the AP was not a neutral news source, but was, in fact, little more than Leftist propaganda.

The rationale for his conclusion was a media flow chart showing the various media outlets and their relative biases. We’ve all seen these charts. The poster felt that since in his mind CNN was a…



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